Services & Programs

Statement of Mission

Career Services is committed to facilitating students’ development by providing students with the resources to develop and implement a career/life plan. This is accomplished through a student assisted and directed process which includes:

  • Assessing information about one’s self, as well as occupations and careers
  • Effecting informed decisions in order to accomplish a particular goal
  • Continually evaluating decisions to determine if new information is available that could affect current career goals

Career Services encourages students to be actively involved in this career exploration process. This is accomplished through the availability of planning workshops, experiential work opportunities, networking and the development of self-confidence which can be communicated to prospective employers and graduate schools.

Statement of Philosophy

Career Services embraces the philosophy that the career development process is continuous, constantly shaping and inexorably entwined in the personal development of the individual.  Students explore and define their skills and interests through involvement in academic coursework, experiential learning opportunities and social interaction throughout their college experience.  Decisions made throughout the college experience directly or indirectly influence the direction in which students move along the career path continuum.

To facilitate the effective development of a student's career/life path, Career Services will encourage students to actively involve themselves in career exploration throughout all levels of their college experience.  To assist in each students' growth, Career Services will provide individual advising and consultation, access to pertinent sources of career information, opportunities for experiential learning and the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding career/life choices.

Career Services regards the process of facilitating students' movement along the career/life path continuum in a concerted and meaningful manner as its primary objective.

Areas of Focus

Career Services, committed to providing the resources necessary to develop and implement an effective, lifelong career search process, offers the following services to Lycoming students and alumni:

Career Coaching

Discover your possibilities and create your own future!   Students can choose to take advantage of the myriad of resources available on the journey to a  fulfilling, satisfying career.


Myers-Briggs and STRONG Inventory self-assessments give students a better understanding of their values, interests, skills and abilities, and learn how to link this information to occupational clusters, specific employment opportunities or graduate programs.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Resume Coaches are available for resume and/or cover letter review creation and assistance.  Students may print their documents in the office on professional resume paper, all supplied by Career Services at no charge to students.

Mock Interviews

Be prepared!  Whether for an internship, a summer job, a class requirement, a career fair or a job interview, students can schedule a mock interview to practice their interviewing skills.  The interview is digitally recorded, critiqued, discussed with the student, and recommendations are offered. 

Professional Needs Lending Library

Career Services offers interview necessities for students to borrow/use at no charge. 

  • Leather padfolios
  • Briefcases
  • Business card templates, paper, and card holders
  • Mints
  • Tissues
  • Static guard
  • Shoe shine
  • Chapsticks
  • Thank-you notes
  • Energy bars  


Designed to enhance students' skills and broaden their career-related knowledge, programs are presented weekly throughout the semester.  Programs include topics such as dressing for success, interviews, etiquette, career planning, assessments and how to use them to formulate a career path. 

Several times each semester students have the opportunity to travel off-campus to career and graduate school fairs.

Recruiters such as Geisinger Health System, Teach for America, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps and Susquehanna Health visit the campus, recruiting students for internships and offering unique experiential learning experiences.  Additionally, Career Services partners with graduate schools and third-party providers to  offer students graduate school assistance during the month of October, the critical month in the grad school application timeline.

Internships/Externships/Job Shadowing

For college students, relevant experience is typically gained through internships. In fact, an internship can be your way to get your “foot in the door” to a job with many employers: In a separate NACE study regarding internships, responding organizations reported that almost half of their 2013 college hires came from their own internship programs.  Simply put, employers are looking for evidence that you can do the job; the internship provides you with that evidence. (Nace 2013

For more information and current internship opportunities at Lycoming, please visit Career Services' Internships webpages.

Study Abroad

Lycoming College Career Services believes that "study abroad is a learning opportunity that enables students to develop critical skills and that contributes in vital ways to preparing students for the competitive global environment into which they will graduate." (NAFSA 2013)

For more information and current study abroad opportunities at Lycoming, please visit Career Services' Study Abroad webpages.

Graduate School

In partnership with academic departments, Career Services provides services which assist students through the graduate school search and application processes. 

For more information, please visit Career Services' Graduate School webpages.

Job Search

Career Services' facilitates students' job search by providing the tools with which they can create their own future, discover their own individual possibilities, and transition from college to career.  

For current resources, please visit our Career Services' webpages: Career Exploration, Federal Jobs by College Major, Job Search Websites, and Employment Resources.