Self-Exploration and Career Planning

*Stop by our office to get your own sophomore career planning checklist.

  1. Meet with a Career Counselor and Academic Advisor
    • Plan and Discuss your career pathway
  2. Research Careers
    • At our office, Snowden Library, and online
  3. Conduct Informational Interviews
    • With alumni, community members, faculty, staff and parents
  4. Secure an Internship/Externship/Summer Job/Travel Abroad
    • Related to your career path
  5. Attend
    • Career-related programs, workshops, fairs, networking events
  6. Take an Active Role
    • In an organization to develop problem-solving/teamwork skills (and to build your resume!)
  7. Explore Study Abroad and Travel Opportunities
    • May Term, Summer, Semester
  8. Develop a Resume and Achieve Academically