General Questions

Why haven't I received a paper statement in the mail?

Lycoming College does not send paper statements. Students and their authorized payers can access and print a statement online. Students must log into WebAdvisor to access their online statement.  Authorized payers can access the student's statement online by going to the link below and entering their login name and password. 

Authorized Payer Payment

What if I am not an authorized payer on my student's account?

Your student can set up multiple authorized payers by accessing WebAdvisor selecting Financial Information, View Statement/Make Payment and the Authorized Payer option on the left hand side of the screen. Once an authorized payer has been set up, the authorized payer will receive an email.  The student must notify the authorized payer of the user ID and temporary password.

Why was I charged health insurance?

The College requires all full-time students be enrolled in a health insurance plan. The last date to waive student health insurance for the Fall semester is September 30th and January 31st for the Spring semester.  For students who are covered on a parent or guardian's health insurance plan, consider contacting the plan provider to review available network coverage and options for the student while enrolled at Lycoming College.  

What does the College’s health insurance plan cover?

For more Information on the College's student health insurance coverage, go to the following website.    

Student Health Insurance

Who do I contact about a parking fine on my statement?

You can contact Security at (570) 321-4604.

Who do I contact about a residence hall fine on my statement?

You can contact Residential Life at (570) 321-4046.