Frequently asked questions - 2012-13 meal plans

What are the changes for Dining Services in 2012-13?

There are three main changes for Dining Services in 2012-13 related to meal plans.

  1. First, the Unlimited Plan (Plan A - Carte Blanche) will have increased Flex dollars or $100 per semester. Freshmen residential students are required to have this plan.
  2. The other major change is the introduction of a new meal plan called the Block Plan, which gives you 150 meals plus $150 in Flex dollars per semester.
  3. The Wertz Dining Hall hours will now be 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday - Thursday, and 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM Friday. Weekend hours remain the same.

What is a Block Plan?

Many college campuses offer a Block Plan, which allows your total meals in a plan to be used over the course of a semester rather than a certain number of meals per week. Presently, the 14-Plan and 12-Plan provide students with a fixed number of meals per week (14 a week and 12 per week respectively). If a student is unable to get to the dining hall for one of those meals, he or she loses that meal. At the start of each week, a student's count returns to 14 or 12. With a Block Plan, a student's number of meals do not expire until the end of the semester (that is, any of the 150 meals will be lost and do not carry-over from semester to semester).

How do I know which plan is best for me?

If you are uncertain about which plan would best accomodate your dining needs, use the Meal Plan Calculator, which allows you to specify your weekly meals and receive a personalized recommendation. If you would like to receive the actual number of meals you have used in Spring 2012 or during 2011-12, contact Lycoming Dining Services and they will send you your actual meal count.

How will I know how many meals I have left?

Currently, the College's food service provider uses a software system that does not yet sync with the College's student data system. As a result, there is not presently a way for students to find out how many meals they have left online. The cashier will be able to see the number of meals remaining on her screen so students may ask the cashier when they enter the dining hall for a meal. Additionally, students may contact Lycoming Dining Services anytime during the semester to find out their meal balance.

I already signed up for a meal plan during Housing Lottery. What should I do?

All returning residential students are asked to complete a 2012-13 Meal Plan Update Form and return it to Residence Life by May 4th. Forms may be dropped off Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM or send it to Campus Box 146.

Why offer Plan B and Plan C? They don't seem to make sense since all meal plans cost the same and they offer less flex than Plans A and D.

During this first year of the Block Plan, the College wants to retain all four meal plans as choices. The cost is prohibitive to both the College and to students to try and change all four plans at once. There may some students who continue to prefer Meal Plans B and C and the College wants to evaluate what changes students make with the new options available.

Can I use a meal for a guest from my Block Plan?

No. The Block Plan only allows for one meal per meal period in the Dining Hall. The College is exploring with Parkhurst a "Guest Pass" where students could purchase a guest pass of 5 meals for the semester to allow friends or family to dine with you in the dining hall.

I am concerned I won't be able to eat breakfast before class, student teaching or other early morning commitments. What are my options?

Because we know that some students have 7:45 AM class or labs, Dining Services will offer to-go containers between 7:30-8:00 AM Monday through Friday. Hot breakfast will continue from 7:30-9:30 and breakfast will remain available until 10:00 AM. Some students may find it convenient to stop in the dining hall after class. Student teachers and others with off-campus internships that require an option before 7:30 AM may use a Bag Meal Order Form to order a breakfast and/or lunch to go for pick-up prior to 7:30 AM. Students with commitments on weekends may also use this form to ensure they may receive a meal despite on-campus or off-campus commitments.

If you have additional questions, contact Dining Services by email. You may also find additional answers to your questions on the Dining Services website.