Associate Professor: Grassmueck (Chairperson)

All business students take a common set of core courses in finance, marketing, management, international business, accounting, economics, information systems, human resources and business strategy. This insures our students get a well-rounded education in the major functional areas of business. The core courses required of all majors are as follows:

Students must also complete either Accounting for Managerial Decision-Making (ACCT 130) or Cost and Budgetary Accounting Theory (ACCT 223).

In addition to the core courses, majors must choose one of four areas of concentration. These concentrations complete students' undergraduate education by providing specialized courses in their chosen concentration, which focus their studies on a specific aspect of business administration. Students may choose as many of the following concentrations as they desire:

Students should complete most of the core business courses before their senior years, and before taking courses required by particular concentrations. Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship (BUS 441) is the only exception, as students are required to take this course during their senior year after completing the core curriculum.

For more information, please refer to the College Catalog.