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Meet Sarah Banatoski!


Sarah BanatoskiMy name is Sarah Banatoski. I earned a BA in Art from Lycoming College in May 2014 and I am now earning my MFA at Syracuse University. When looking for a college, my main goal was to find a group of individuals that supported and challenged my artistic ability, and nourished my passion for art. The Art department at Lycoming College exceeded all my expectations. At Lycoming, my passion came to life. The professors are as devoted as the students; they challenge us to do our best work, to question and overcome our limitations. They refuse to let us settle for anything less than the work they know we can create. For the past eight years, I assisted in teaching classes for children in both elementary and middle school at a local art studio, Artspace, located in my hometown of Maynard, Massachusetts, and I learned the challenges faced when the role of student is reversed to teacher. Working with children inspired to me to look at art and the process of making art differently, to embrace the emotional aspect that goes hand in hand with the process of creativity. The environment at Lycoming inspired me to branch out of my comfort zone and experiment with different mediums and techniques. Examples of this can be seen here. Before college, my work was very limited in terms of its creativity. Through my classes and interaction with faculty at Lycoming I have learned to approach a subject more conceptually, focusing on the project as a whole rather, than its parts. The art department and its motivational professors have helped me to find my signature style, to embrace non-traditional methods and materials, and discover how best to apply my talent to communicate my ideas.






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