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Meet Rene Pucilowski!

Rene Rene Rene Rene

My name is Rene Pucilowski. My decision to attend Lyco was based on the overall atmosphere of the school, especially the art department. The art building is filled with a sense of freedom and encouragement. The faculty are not only great teachers and mentors, but also great friends. Among the many things that I have learned at Lyco, is that friends are essential to have.

I believe that with hard work and dedicationRene the chances of becoming successful increase exponentially. This is why I spend most of my time in the art building painting or sculpting. I am fortunate enough to know what I like and want to do. For some, this is hard to find, but in order to graduate from Lycoming College it is necessary to complete a series of distribution courses which broaden your education and give you a sense of what's out there.

I met Amanda Lee and Bruce Sodervick of Sodus Point Art Banck when they were artists in residence at Lycoming. During the following summer I worked at Sodus Point Art Banck in upstate New York. There I spent my time painting, sculpting and managing the workshop. The most exciting part was when I learned to operate a crucible. It is quite exciting to see the transformation of metal from solid to liquid, back to solid. Based on this experience, I realized that some day I want to run an art residency program.

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