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Local Black Heritage Project

During the last week of January, 2014, Lycoming CollegeĀ  Commercial Design students and members of the Williamsport African-American community had the opportunity to work with Visiting Artist Stephen Marc and art professors Lynn Estomin and Michael Darough on a community history project. Stephen Marc is a storyteller who uses photography to construct a visual interpretation of more than 500 years of African American life, history and culture. Members of the local community contributed stories, memories, photographs and artifacts to create a series of digital montages documenting aspects of their family and/or community history. Community members were paired with design students to create visual representations of their histories. The result was a unique series of digital montage prints that were on exhibit at the James V. Brown Public Library in Williamsport from March 13 through April 25, 2014.

Community participants were Sam Belle, Rahmin DeVaughn, Twila Dodds, Lucille Evans, Velma Grimes, Vanessa Hunter, Linda Jackson, Richard James, Curley Jett, Jane Luther, and Curtis Ousley. Visiting artist Stephen Marc created a memorial montage for Mamie Sweeting Diggs. Design student participating in the project were Sara Anthony, Ethan Bierly, Sifa Blackmon, Megan Brad, Kelly Ciesla, Chris Connolly, Kristi Costantino, Stephanie Engle, Lauren Karol, Briana Riddick, Jessica Schote, Amaraja Sholder.


          Opening Reception
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