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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I become an Art Major?

First, because you are passionate about art. Second, because the Art Department at Lycoming College is recognized for traditional fine arts, cutting edge digital design and innovative programs. Here at Lyco, we strive to help our art majors to succeed in both their college classes and the world. If you love art, join the Lycoming Art community and meet our great students and faculty

2. Do I need a portfolio to get in?

No. Lycoming Art Department does not require you to present a portfolio for acceptance to the college or Art Department. We encourage you to contact Lycoming Admissions at Admissions@lycoming.edu to schedule a portfolio review if you are interested in competing for an art scholarship. The Art Department offers merit scholarships for talented incoming freshman and transfer students, renewable in subsequent years.

3. What kind of Computer should I buy?

Lycoming College's Art Department has a large digital graphics lab. Graphic design, digital imaging, archival digital printing, web design and interactive media are taught using state of the art hardware and software. With this being said, you are more than welcome to bring your own computer, but it is not necessary for you to have a particular computer or software programs to succeed as an art major. If you are buying a new computer, most artists and designer use macs, but software is available for both macs and pcs.

4. What is the faculty like?

The faculty in the Art Department are dedicated teachers and practicing artists. Unlike many other colleges, we do not have graduate assistants teaching classes. Because Lycoming is a small liberal arts school, students have a close relationship with professors. They are available to answer questions, help you build your portfolio, and challenge your creativity.

5. Where are your graduates?

Our graduates live and work all over the United States. They are professional artists, graphic and web designers, art historians, art educators and graduate students. If you would like to find out more about our graduates, visit our grad success page.