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China 2012 Art Trip

April 30, 2012: $80 administrative fee is due (students)       
Tuition, audit fees and lab fees are due (students only)
Bus leaves the Lycoming parking lot at 5 AM sharp on May 9.
Please be there 10 minutes early to load luggage.

May 9, 2012, UA #89Q, Depart Newark 11:55AM, Arrive Beijing 1:45PM on May 10th
May 24, 2012, UA #87N, Depart  Shanghai 3:45PM, Arrive Newark 6:20PM (same day)

Huguosi Hotel
No.125, Huguosi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100035
Telephone: +86-10-59331588
Xi’an King Dynasty Hotel
No.1,Daqing Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi
Telephone: +86-29-88659999
Guilin Osmanthus Hotel
Address: No.77, South ZHongshan Road, Guilin, 541002
Telephone: 86-773-3834300
Shanghai Swan Hotel
No.2211 Sichuan Road (N.) Shanghai
Telephone: 86-21-56665666
Yangtze River President Cruise CO. LTD
No.88, Ximachangjie Street, Hangyang, Wuhan, China
Telephone: +86-27-84711412

CHINA TRAVEL PACKAGE: Package cost is $3489.81.
Cost is slightly higher for people who did not make the initial deposit deadline.  
• Entrance fees for the attractions listed in the itinerary
• English-speaking Chinese guide for all sightseeing events
• Private air-conditioned tour vehicle with experienced driver for airport/railway station transfers as well as the transfers between scenic spots and downtown hotel
• Meals indicated in the itinerary
• 10 nights accommodation with standard twin-bed rooms at hotels, breakfasts
• Soft-sleeper train tickets from Beijing and Xi’an
• Domestic economy class flight tickets from Xi’an to Guilin, from Guilin to Chongqing, from Yichang to Shanghai, including tax
• 3 nights accommodation with standard cabins on the cruise ship President No. 6
• Roundtrip airfare US-China
• Transportation roundtrip Williamsport to Newark airport and back to Williamsport.
• One free bag on all air flights. You may also bring a small carry-on.

• Chinese Visa: $170
• Passport:  You are responsible for obtaining a valid passport if you don’t have one
• Lycoming College Administrative Fee: $80
• Tips: $85-120 for trip (estimate) Tips are expected/not optional! Tipping for tour guides and drivers has become common practice. Since we are more than 20 members, the travel agent suggests tipping approximately US $3-$5/per guest per day for the tour guide and US $1-$3 for the driver.
• Food and bottled water: $75 estimate (9 meals not included in package @ $7/dinner and extra water @$1/bottle - one bottle/day provided)
• Spending money: for gifts, drinks, snacks, etc. (amount depends on individual)
• Course Fees:
Tuition: $2572 or Course Audit: $643
One week room in dorm for lab week. Food plan not available: $143
Asian Art History students are not required to stay on campus after trip
Art Studio Supplies Fee: $150 Photo II, III, IV, $100 Advanced Digital,
$75 Intro Digital, $100 Drawing I, II, III, $150 Painting I, II, III, $100 The Figure

You are responsible for obtaining a valid passport. Official Government Forms can be downloaded here. Passports can be obtained in Williamsport at the Prothonotary Office in City Hall. The following information and documents are needed:
• The applicant's birthplace
• Social security number
• Father's name, birthplace, and birth date
• Mother's maiden name, birthplace and birth date
• Identifying documents required: Expired "undamaged" Passport OR certified birth certificate (Issued by city, county or state only. Hospital birth record or registration are not acceptable.)
• Valid driver's license or government (State or Federal) issued photo ID
Two identical color, full-front photographs (2" X 2") on white or off-white background.
Important note: photos must have been taken within the past 6 months and show current appearance; street attire only - no uniforms, logos on clothing or hats allowed; glasses are only allowed if they are prescription glasses that are worn all the time. Photo locations.
Note: Passport Services and Prothonotary fees must be paid separately.

• If you are in Williamsport and want to be part of thegroup visa application, you need to pay the Visa fee of $170 to the Lycoming College Bursar and deliver the following documents to the Art Department Administrative Assistant, Rose Dirocco, by Feb. 13, 2012:
(1) Passport: Original passport plus one photocopy of information page. The passport must be signed, valid for 6 months beyond our stay in China and have at least two blank visa pages available for the Chinese visa. (Amendment pages in the back of the passport are valid for China visa stamps.)
(2) Visa Application form: One original signed China visa application plus one copy. Use this sample as a guide.
(3) Photo: One recent 2” x 2” passport-type photograph, in color, front view, with a plain white background. The photo must have been taken must be taken within the last 6 months. (If your passport was issued more than 6 months ago, you cannot use that passport photo).
For your convenience, I arranged a photo studio session with one of our photo majors who will take and print passport photos for anyone who needs one, beginning at 5:45 PM (after our meeting with Dr. Zhao) on Feb. 8 in the Art building. There is no charge for this service.

• If you are not participating in the group applicaiton, you are responsible for obtaining your own Visa. AAA recommends this company to use to apply for Visas: Travisa Passport and Visa Service.  Their website is www.travisa.com and their phone number is: 212-613-2223.  You can also obtain Visas directly from the Chinese embassy if you live in a city where there is an embassy. You have deliver your documents in person (or have a travel agent deliver them in person – usually an extra $15). Processing time is four days. Same day service is available for emergencies only and costs an extra $30. The closest embassy to Williamsport is NYC so we will be using the service listed above. More information.

All participants must sign the Lycoming College Assumption of Risk form and send to: Lynn Estomin, Art Box 147, Lycoming College, 700 College Place, Williamsport, PA, 17701. You are encouraged to also fill out the voluntary Travel Health Conditions Form and send to estomin@lycoming.edu or to the address above.

The CDC website for Travelers to China is a good source of information, but don’t be scared off by all the information available on the site. Read entire documents, don’t just skim headlines. For instance, you are not at risk of contracting avian influenza (bird flu) in China – even though it is the first advisory on the CDC China Travel site  - unless you pet wild birds or poultry, touch bird droppings or eat raw poultry.

Basic recommendations:
• Visit CDC's Travelers’ Health website to learn about any disease risks and health recommendations for areas you plan to visit.
• See a travel medicine specialist or a doctor familiar with travel medicine at least 4 to 6 weeks before you leave to answer your questions and make specific recommendations for you.
• Be sure you are up-to-date with all your routine vaccinations, including a seasonal flu vaccine. In addition, get any travel-related vaccines that your doctor recommends for you. You can visit your family doctor and discuss what, if any, vaccinations or medicines you personally need or you can visit a travel medical clinic.
• Geisinger Health Services runs a travel clinic in State College and one in Danville; Susquehanna Health has a travel doctor in Williamsport.
• Visit a doctor at least 4-6 weeks before travel so you have plenty of time to get any vaccinations required.
• You are responsible for seeing that you have whatever vaccinations/medicine you need for the trip. Taking along a diarrhea medicine is recommended, because some people are sensitive to new foods. If you take any prescription medications, be sure you have a supply for the entire trip.

Local Travel Health Clinics:
The contacts below are not an endorsement, but are provided for your convenience.
Susquehanna Health Organization/Infectious Diseases
Stephen F. Weber, MD
777 Rural Avenue, Fourth Floor, Williamsport, PA 17701
570-321-2181, Fax 570-321-2182 , sweber@susquehannahealth.org
Cost of the office visit: $45. Vaccine costs are additional.
Records you need to bring from your family doctor to the Travel Medical Clinic:
List of medications, allergies, immunization history, and prior international travel history
Vaccines you may need:
Assuming all the travelers are up to date on their routine vaccines (including measles/mumps/rubella, hepatitis B, and tetanus), vaccines to be considered would include influenza (unless already received this fall/winter), hepatitis A, polio booster, and typhoid fever. The doctor will discuss the relative merits and costs of each with the traveler, but here is a list of the vaccine approximate total costs (administration costs included):
Influenza  $45
Hepatitis A  $110
Polio  $90
Typhoid  $80
Insurance coverage: If the traveler has insurance, the influenza vaccine would probably be covered, the hepatitis A might be covered, and other vaccines would likely not be covered.
Contact Lynn at estomin@lycoming if you want an appointment with Dr. Weber.

Geisinger Travel Clinics:
Danville: 800-275-6401.
State College: 814-231-4565
There is information on their doctors on the website.

If you do not have health insurance that covers you for China, the college requires that you buy travel insurance.
Lycoming Student Health Insurance
http://www.bollingercolleges.com/lycoming/Lycoming.pdf is the web address for the student insurance brochure.  The amount of coverage the students have: the max per illness/accident is $10,000.  The brochure also mentions "reasonable and customary" charges so sometimes, they don't cover the entire bill.
Alternative Travel Health Insurance
AAA can provide health insurance for people who are not covered by another policy. The insurance covers trip cancellation for medical reasons only, trip interruption, missed connection up to $1000.00, travel delay up to $500, Emergency medical and dental coverage up to $50,000, and emergency medical transportation up to $100,000.  It also has baggage loss/damage up to $500 and baggage delay up to $200.00. Since we are past the initial deposit deadline, the insurance will not cover for cancellation for a pre-existing medical condition. This insurance acts as primary medical coverage if you do not have health insurance or if their insurance will not cover them in China. The price of the insurance is $252.00 per person. If you need insurance, you can contact Katrina Harvey and tell her you are with the Lycoming College trip to China.
Katrina Harvey, CTA
Group Tour Coordinator, AAA North Penn
1 East 6th Avenue, South Williamsport, PA 17702
Phone: 570-323-8431 Ext. 265  FAX: 570-323-8462

A participant has used this insurance for past trips and recommends it:
Seven Corners

You are limited to one medium sized suitcase (up to 50lbs and 62 linear inches, length+width+height; soft-sided with wheels is best) and one carry-on (camerabag or daypack). Excess weight or extra bags will be charged a minimum of $70 per bag each way. Click here for carry on requirements with Continental and information on liquids and gels in carry on luggage. Plan to travel light. You will want to have room for souvenirs. I have been told that laundry is cheap and excellent in all the hotels, so you do not need to bring 15 days worth of clothing. We will not be going to fancy places, so you will not need dressy clothing. Weather will change with our location, so plan to bring layers. You will need a light jacket for Beijing, Xi’an, abd the Great Wall; for the southern cities of China, you need to bring the short-sleeves T-Shirts and light weight pants, shorts or skirt; and bring an umbrella. Sturdy and comfortable walking shoes are very important.

If you have a digital camera, you will need an adapter. The standard electric current in China is 220V/50HZ and looks like the image on the left.

Our travel agent in China recommends exchanging money in China rather than the US. She suggests taking a small amount of cash in American dollars and she does NOT recommend travelers checks. They are hard to cash in China. With a bankcard or credit card you can exchange money at an ATM, some  hotels, the airport or a bank. Our agent recommends using a bank, which is the most reliable. When we arrive in China the tour guide will take us to a bank near our hotel. All exchange places have the handling charges and there is a limit on how much you can take out with a card per day. If you do not want to carry a credit or bank card, you can purchase prepaid Visa and MC money cards at your bank.