Egyptology at Lycoming College

As an undergraduate institution, Lycoming College does not have a program in Egyptology. Serious study of Egyptology is something usually accomplished at the Graduate level. However, Lycoming College's program in "Archaeology and Culture of the Ancient Near East," plus some diligent language study (French, German, Hebrew and Greek - all offered here and highly recommended), will be excellent preparation for any graduate program in Egyptology.

In addition, be aware that there are very few faculty positions available in the U.S. specifically in Egyptology, so if this is your interest, you will need to combine this interest with some related but wider area of expertise, like the ancient Near East more generally. Or you might think about combining your interest in Egyptology with other career possibilities such as Museum Work, Writing or Film Making, Photography, Tour Guiding, Librarian, Art History, etc.

You will want to plan on participating in an archaeological dig in Egypt. Penn State currently has a dig at Mendes, Egypt, directed by eminent Egyptologist Dr. Donald Redford ( This dig would be a fine choice, and will count towards the Archaeology major requirements here. The dig runs for 4 weeks in June-July, and space is limited, so plan to apply early!

In addition, when you take Biblical Archaeology, History and Culture of the Ancient Near East, Art History and Anthropology, you may elect to do projects relating to Egyptology. Opportunities abound!

Some interesting web sites...

More interesting websites compiled by Gander Academy

Egyptvoyager A showcase of everything Egypt has to offer, from culture and history to tourist and trade information. This site brings Egypt to life through flash animation and virtual tours. Visit the Giza Plateau and enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Go on a tour of Khan el Khalili Market in downtown Cairo, and visit other places of interest. A site which is constantly being expanded in an interesting, interactive, and fun way.

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Hieroglyphic Translators

  • Egyptionary The Egyptionary is a graphic hieroglyphs-English dictionary, i.e. you click the Egyptian word signs, and the Egyptionary translate it into English. Based on Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar and Faulkner's Concise dictionary for Middle Egyptian, the Egyptionary contains, right now, 200 values. Soon there will be more.
  • Egyptian Name Translator From the pages of Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt. This is a great tool! (You will need Netscape 4 or IE4 to see this version of JavaScript)
  • Serge Rosmorduc's Home Page Try writing your name in Hieroglyphs
  • Translate English into Hieroglyphs Fun from Egypt's Tourism Net