Archaeology & Religion Honors, Awards, Scholarships & Achievements

Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society Graduate Fellowships

The Religion and Archaeology programs at Lycoming College have had outstanding students through the years. In recent years, the following students have earned fellowships from the prestigious national honor society, Phi Kappa Phi:

  • 2010 Graduate Fellowship awarded to Britta Spaulding
  • 2008 Graduate Fellowship nomination to Kelly Szpara
  • 2007 Graduate Fellowship awarded to Lindsay Vosburg
  • 2007 Travel Fellowships awarded to Kirsten Darby and Kyle Kissell

College & Departmental Prizes & Awards

The following prizes and awards at Lycoming College might be of special interest to students in the Archaeology Program, the Religion Department, or the Pre-Ministerial program (TPAC):

The Faculty Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Religion and Archaeology presented to a graduating senior demonstrating outstanding academic performance and achieving the highest departmental grade point average in Archaeology and Religion (with a $100 cash prize attached)

  • 2012 - Lucas Reckling, Kirstin Rose, and Denyse Walters, Archaeology; Josh Davinsizer and Denyse Walters, Religion;
  • 2011 - Kari Allegretto and Robyn Price, Archaeology; Felicia Swartz, Religion
  • 2010 - Valerie King and Sean McGrath, Archaeology; Matthew Martin, Religion
  • 2009 - Kirsten Darby and Allison Davis, Archaeology; Kirsten Darby, Religion
  • 2008 - Marcella Barbosa and Darlene Holt, Archaeology; Kyle Kissell, Religion
  • 2007 - Lindsay Vosburg, Archaeology; Kent Hayden, Religion
  • 2006 - Stephanie Wanek, Archaeology; Margaret Bortner, Religion
  • 2005 - Laura Taylor, Archaeology; Katherine John, Religion
  • 2004 - Edward Hunter, Religion
  • 2003 - Shannon Wilson, Archaeology
  • 2002 - Holly Lehnig, Archaeology
  • 2000 - Marcus Myers, Archaeology; Joshua Pratt, Religion

The Eduardo Guerra Prize in Biblical Languages is awarded to a student demonstrating excellent academic performance and achieving the highest overall score in 1st year Biblical Greek or Hebrew (with a $50 book prize attached)

  • 2012 - Isaiah Spires, Greek
  • 2011 - Kaitlyn Gross and Isaiah Spires, Hebrew
  • 2010 - Teresa Tickle, Greek
  • 2009 - Melissa Erlick and Kirstin Rose, Hebrew
  • 2008 - Amber Aschwanden and Britta Spaulding, Greek
  • 2007 - Marcella Barbosa, Hebrew
  • 2006 - Kelly Szpara, Greek
  • 2005 - Peter Via, Hebrew
  • 2004 - Katherine Kressler and Kent Hayden, Greek
  • 2003 - Michele Burns, Hebrew
  • 2002 - Laura Taylor, Greek
  • 2001 - Holly Lehnig, Hebrew
  • 2000 - Marcus Myers, Greek

The McDowell Scholarship is given to the senior ministerial student who excels in scholarship, deportment, and promise of usefulness, and who declares an intention to make ministry his or her life work

  • 2012 - Josh Davinsizer
  • 2011 - Casandra "Casey" Raudenbush
  • 2010 - Rebecca Schoeneberger
  • 2009 - Joshua Knappenberger
  • 2007 - Kent Hayden and Sarah Hughes
  • 2005 - Cynthia Betz
  • 2004 - Ann Runnels and Edward Hunter
  • 2003 - Steve Sharp and Emily Mingle
  • 2002 - Dwaine Krebs

Departmental Honors

  • 2012 - Josh Davinsizer, Religion
  • 2012 - Denyse Walters, Archaeology
  • 2007 - Meghan Strong, Archaeology

The Chieftain Award

In 2010, Ian Shepherd received Lycoming College's most prestigious prize - the Chieftain Award. In keeping with his character, however, "Shade" felt more deeply honored by receiving the Ethel McDonald Pax Christi Award, which is given to a student "For outstanding but quiet consistency in the life of faith and the practice of Christianity, noteworthy personal integrity, and humble loving compassion expressed in daily life."

Contested for the First Time in over 50 Years -

The M.B. Rich Prizes to be given to two students who at a public contest excel in reading the scriptures; and to two students who excel in writing and delivering an original oration

  • 2012 - Josh Davinsizer, Scripture Reading
  • 2012 - Victoria Yuskaitis, Scripture Reading
  • 2012 - Taylor Kendra, Original Oration


Another opportunity for students with a special interest in ethics (like what about the ethics of digging up 4,000-yr-old graves?) is the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics - an annual essay contest for college juniors and seniors sponsored by the Elie Wiesel Foundation.

Honors Programs & Societies

A number of our majors have also benefited from the Lycoming Scholars Program, including Marcus Myers (2000); Jennifer Hochman and Edward Hunter (2004); Jill Parker (2005); Lee Zelewicz (2006); Meghan Engelman, Kent Hayden, Sarah Hughes, Celeste Purosky, Aloys Rode, Meghan Strong, Lindsay Vosburg, Jennifer Weston, and Jason Zan (2007); Shane Hicks-Lee, Darlene Holt, and Kelly Szpara (2008); Kirsten Darby, Lesley Haines, and Heather Rardin (2009); and Sara Jackson, Valerie King, Matthew Martin, Sean McGrath, Erika Niemann, Ian Shepherd, and Britta Spaulding (2010); Kari Allegretto, Amanda Burt, Katherine Crosmer, Sara Fajardo, Danielle Heaney, Robyn Price, Casandra Raudenbush, and Kerri Werner (2011).

In 2012, the Scholars Program graduated seven Archaeology and/or Religion majors: Josh Davinsizer, Victoria Parker, Lucas Reckling, Kirstin Rose, Elizabeth Treptow, Denyse Walters, and R.J. (Robert) Wiechecki.

Archaeology Related Scholars Seminar Topics

  • Fall 2002: the Middle East
  • Fall 2006: the Romans
  • Fall 2009: War (the ancient ones being great for archaeologists)!
  • Fall 2012: the Mayans

The National Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi presents a wonderful opportunity to be recognized for high achievement and involved nationally with some impressive programs, including travel scholarships for study abroad (which can also include a summer archaeological dig).

In 2006, Lycoming College established a chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the National Honor Society for Theology and Religious Studies (Lycoming chapter Alpha Theta Gamma).

Archaeology/History or Religion/History double-majors should consider joining the National Honor Society for History, Phi Alpha Theta (Lycoming chapter Zeta Zeta).

Scholarships & Fellowships

Study Abroad Travel Scholarships - For those looking for longer-term Study Abroad opportunities, the Study Abroad Program at Lycoming College offers $500 travel scholarships to help with travel expenses. The Honors Society of Phi Kappa Phi also offers travel scholarships for study abroad (see link above).

We are currently working on creating a Dig Scholarship Fund for Archaeology majors.

It is possible to apply for outside scholarships through other organizations that regularly sponsor travel, research and digs in Israel and elsewhere such as:

  • the Biblical Archaeology Society (BAR Dig Scholarships)
  • the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • the Endowment for Biblical Research
  • the Albright Institute (currently geared towards longer-term, advanced study)
  • the Dorot Foundation (Dorot Travel Grants)
  • the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (grants for internships and study abroad)
  • the National Science Foundation

and others.

  • 2012 Josh Davinsizer won a Cartwright Scholarship from the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church for graduate study at Wesley Theological Seminary. Congratulations!
  • 2012 Aaron Rubin won a STARTALK scholarship to study Arabic.
  • 2012 Cori Mancuso traveled to Israel with Interfaith Peace-Builders.
  • 2011 Samantha Silverberg traveled to Israel with the Jewish Birthright Program.
  • 2010 Britta Spaulding won a Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship for graduate study in Anthropology at SUNY Buffalo. Congratulations!
  • 2008 Lindsay Vosburg won a Critical Language Scholarship from the State Department to study Arabic in Cairo. Congratulations!
  • 2007 Lindsay Vosburg won a Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship for graduate study in Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis. Congratulations!
  • 2007 Kyle Kissell and Kirsten Darby won Phi Kappa Phi travel fellowships to study abroad in Germany. Congratulations!
  • 2007 Sabrina Slaughter was the recipient of a National Science Foundation-sponsored Summer Internship in Hawaii. Congratulations!
  • 2006 Kent Hayden won a Fund for Theological Education Fellowship. Congratulations!
  • 2005 Cynthia Betz won a Fund for Theological Education Fellowship. Congratulations!
  • 2004 Ed Hunter won a Fund for Theological Education Fellowship. Congratulations!
  • 2004 Lee Zelewicz was the recipient of a National Science Foundation-sponsored Summer Internship at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Congratulations!
  • 2002 Jennifer Hochman was the recipient of a National Science Foundation-sponsored Summer Fellowship in Bio-Cultural Anthropology at Notre Dame (see below). Congratulations!
  • 2001 Colin Casler was the recipient of a National Science Foundation dig scholarship to dig at the Athienou Archaeological Field School in Cyprus. Congratulations!


Students will have opportunity to gain hands-on work experience by participating in internship programs, either with a local archaeologist (through the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, or as listed above), with a local historical museum (such as the Lycoming County Historical Museum in Williamsport), or with other major historical museums, art museums having more extensive Classical or Ancient Near Eastern collections, or museums of natural history or anthropology.

In 2002, Shannon Wilson did a summer internship at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh; in 2004, Jessica Kaiser did a summer internship at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia, teaching and giving tours for a summer camp for teens; Lee Zelewicz did a summer internship at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History (Research Training Program) in Washington, D.C.; Jessie Martin did summer internships at the Vanderbilt Museum on Long Island and the Museum of Natural History in New York City; Ashley Becker worked for the Blair County Historical Society; Sean Reese and Lee Zelewicz taught a short classes in Archaeology for the Lycoming College for Kids and Teens; Lindsay Vosburg interned at the Cairo Museum in Egypt; Nathan Ott and Britta Spaulding did summer internships at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester NY; Robert Holmes interned at the Higgins Museum and Armory in Worcester, Mass. Victoria Parker interned at a historical museum in New York. Denyse Walters interned at the University of Arizona Museum of Art and the Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center, Flint, Michigan. Adam Miller interned at Pine Street United Methodist Church in Williamsport. Congratulations!

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Student Diggers

Our student diggers in the last few years include (*supervisors):


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber): 12 returnees - *Bill Blachly, *Michelle Burpoe, *Sam Clarke, *Matiana Gallegos, *Harry Kallet, *Monica Martinez, *Erika Niemann, *Brooke Pollio, *Chelsea Reimer, *Elizabeth Savastana, *David Shepard, *Elizabeth Treptow; plus 11 newcomers - Stephanie Collado, Lydia Dwyer, Jonathan Gowin, Danielle Grega, Taylor Kendra, Jacob Kupperman, Joe Mayer, Robyn Price, Isaiah Spires, Amy Vaughn, Andrew Wright = 24
  • Gezer Survey Project, Israel: Lyco alums *Marcella Barbosa, *Matt Martin, and *Jason Zan = 3
  • Jezreel Valley Regional Project, Israel (w/ Matt Adams): Lyco alum *Erika Niemann
  • Ault Site, Loyalsock PA (May Term w/ Robin VanAuken): *Joe Mayer, Stephanie Bowen, Josh Chamberlin, Marcus Coleman, Allyson Earl, Shana Eichenberg, Jacob Kupperman, Mark McKenney, Michelle Neifert, Zach Rentschler, Aaron Rubin, Amber Seibel, Kristin Whitehead, Holly Worth = 15
  • Belize (Mayan dig): Lauren Reitnouer
  • Romania: Julia Gallo
  • England: Julie Polcrack
  • Sweden (Viking settlement): Cory Keena
  • Sweden: Lyco alum Britta Spaulding
  • Transylvania (Osteology Workshop): Lyco alum Jordan Snyder
  • Maine: Rebecca Hook
  • Colorado: Zach Rentschler
  • Egypt travel with Penn State (Dr. Redford): Lyric Murray-Walker
  • Israel travel with Interfaith Peace-Builders: Cori Mancuso
  • China travel with Lyco Art Dept: Elizabeth Treptow


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Prof. Pamela Gaber): Bill Blachly, Sam Clarke, Matiana Gallegos, Elizabeth Jensen, Harry Kallet, Monica Martinez, Bill Mastandrea, Chelsea Reimer, David Shepard, and *Elizabeth Treptow; plus Lyco alums *Michelle Burpoe, *Sara Fajardo, *Sean McGrath, *Erika Niemann, *Brooke Pollio, and *Stephanie Wanek = 17
  • Tel Gezer Excavation, Israel (w/ Prof. Robin Knauth): Becca Havers, Rebecca Haygood, Lucas Reckling, *Kirstin Rose, Samantha Sinnott, and Annie Wegman; plus Lyco alums *Marcella Barbosa, *Allison Davis, *Leslie Haines, *Matt Martin, and *Jason Zan = 12
  • Belize (CBAS Field School, U. of Mississippi): Katie Gross
  • Ostia Antica (Rome), Italy (American Institute for Roman Culture): Dustin Thomas
  • Burgaz, Turkey (underwater; Brock University): Libby Stoesz
  • Gault Site, Texas: Cristina Sorrells
  • San Bernardino Archeological Field School, California (survey; CSU San Bernardino): Ashley Pratt
  • Honouliuli Internment Camp, West O'ahu, Hawaii (Honouliuli Field School): Charli Quinonez
  • Achill Island, Ireland (Galway): Lyco alum *Jordan Snyder
  • Sweden: Lyco alum Britta Spaulding
  • Megiddo, Israel (Jezreel Valley Regional Project): Lyco alum *Erika Niemann


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber): *Stephanie Wanek, *Brooke Pollio, *Bryant Miles, *Elizabeth Savastana, *Michelle Burpoe, *Lena Nieves, Abigail Petritsch, Erika Niemann, Elizabeth Treptow, Bill Blachly, Danielle Coady, Sara Fajardo, Monica Martinez, Rebecca Taggart, Samantha Silverberg (15; plus others from England, Scotland, Poland, Canada and Arizona)
  • Megiddo, Israel (w/ Matt Adams and Margaret Cohen): *Erika Niemann, Michelle Pastrano, Libby Stoesz, Alexa LaRocco, Aarika Olsen (5)
  • Gezer, Israel (survey project): *Jason Zan
  • Tel Rehov, Israel (w/ Amihai Mazar): Joshua Knappenberger
  • Macedonia: Amber Moyer, Emily Welliver
  • Achill, Ireland (Galway): *Jordan Snyder
  • The Thomas Jefferson house in Forest VA: Dustin Thomas
  • Doing CRM work: Kate Crosmer
  • Snyder Site, W'pt (w/ Robin VanAuken): *Kathleen Eierman, Kari Allegretto, Joseph Mayer, Alyssa Webb, Ashlee Caputo, Harry Kallet, Jillian Brandon (7)


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber): *Stephanie Wanek, *Nicole Paterson, *Jill Parker Bierly, *Brooke Pollio, Elizabeth Savastana, Michelle Burpoe, Abigail Petritsch, Bryant Miles (8)
  • Gezer, Israel (w/ Robin Knauth): *Jason Zan, *Marcella Barbosa, *Lesley Haines, *Allison Davis, Adam Brown, Kirstin Rose, Valerie King, Kerri Werner, Linnea Morris (9)
  • Iklaina, Greece: Patrick Gardiner, K.C. Failor, Justin Hall, Gabrielle Harper, Veronica Denison
  • Mendes, Egypt (w/ Donald and Susan Redford, Margaret Cohen and Matt Adams, Penn State): Erika Niemann, Robyn Price
  • Achill, Ireland (Galway): Jordan Snyder, Amanda Burt
  • Menorca, Spain: Haley Cohen


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber, Steven Johnson, Kathy Ryan): *Stephanie Wanek, *Nicole Paterson, *Jill Parker, *Chris Young, *Meghan Engleman, Brooke Pollio, Michael Berzley, Jerome Ludwig, Stephanie Crescelius, Elizabeth Savastana, Michelle Burpoe, Lena Nieves, Jet deTraglia, Brenda Scanlan (14)
  • Gezer, Israel (w/ Robin Knauth): *Jason Zan, *Marcella Barbosa, *Lesley Haines, *Allison Davis, Heather Rardin, Kevin Lasko, Kevin Moran, Alex Trojanowski, Sara Parsels, Kristina Manente, Michelle Pastrano (11)
  • Hazor, Israel: Patrick Gardiner
  • Iklaina, Greece: Ashley Deitrick
  • Theban Tomb Survey, Egypt: Erika Niemann
  • Castell Henllys, U.K.: Britta Spaulding
  • Catalina Island, CA: Brittany Timko
  • Campsville, IL: Jordan Snyder


  • Gezer, Israel (w/ Robin Knauth): *Jason Zan, Lindsay Vosburg, Marcella Barbosa, Lesley Haines, Kirsten Darby, Kara Hahn, Sam Daniel, Ian Shepherd, Matthew Martin, Sean McGrath, Darlene Holt, Stephanie Schrader, Allison Davis (13)
  • Iklaina in Greece: Kelly Szpara
  • Spain: Sarah DeRosa
  • Hawaii: Sabreina Slaughter
  • Muncy Canal Site, PA (w/Robin Van Auken): Gilbert Thompson


  • Gezer, Israel (w/ Robin Knauth): Jason Zan, Aloys Rode, Brian Johnson, Alison Hamblin, Sarah Quinlan (5)
  • Karnak, Egypt (w/ Margaret Cohen and Matt Adams): Heather Rardin, Lindsay Vosburg
  • Muncy Canal Site, PA (w/ Robin VanAuken): Luis Hernandez, Kelly Driscole, Lauren Raby, Sara Gavlock
  • Various sites in NJ (w/ Hunter Research): Sarah Fall


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber, Robin Knauth): *Nicole Paterson, *Jill Parker, *Stephanie Wanek; Pat Bierly, Jennifer Weston, Meghan Engleman, Celeste Purosky, Chris Young, Austin Joy
  • Tel Rehov, Israel (w/ Amihai Mazar): Derek Whitman
  • Muncy Canal Site, PA (w/ Robin VanAuken): April Bentz, Kyle Greene, Jocelyn Hendershot, Wes Keen, Stephanie Ross, Amy Schriever, Erin Walker
  • Castle Gardens, Vestal NY: Mark Ross
  • Historic St. Mary's City, MD: Malorie Cease


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber): *Jill Parker, *Stephanie Wanek; Pat Bierly, Rachel Blaasch, Tom Courtney, Lee Hedges, Nicole Paterson, Nick Roberts, Jennifer Weston
  • Mendes, Egypt: Meghan Strong
  • Snyder Site, W'pt (w/ Robin VanAuken): 6 students...


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber, Steve Johnson): *Michele Burns, Laura Taylor, Katie John, Jill Parker, Stephanie Moreira, Stephanie Wanek
  • Canfield, W'pt (w/ Robin VanAuken, Robin Knauth): Sean Reese, Jessica Kaiser, Joel Krauser, Lee Zelewicz, Ann Runnels, Rebecca Jervey, Rebecca Sander, Katy Grzywinski, Andy Lutzkanin, Andy Slawecki, Jennifer Rinehart


  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber): Stephen Sharp


  • Athienou, Cyprus: Colin Casler
  • Idalion, Cyprus (w/ Pamela Gaber, Steven Johnson): Shannon Wilson, Allison Harding, Tressa Nolan, Kristin Skvorak, Jesse Thompson


  • Megiddo, Israel (w/ Steven Johnson): *Michele Burns, Holly Lehnig, Carol Stich, Anri Weisel


  • Ashkelon, Israel: Marcus Myers, Sarah Rayner