Lyco Down the Shore - July 10, 2010

  1. Welcome!

  2. Dennie Freund '94 and Linda (Wabschall) Ross '69, two of the event organizers

  3. Our private tent at LaCosta

  4. Gary Sensenich '66 wears his Lyco freshman "dink" and visits with Robert Wayne '65.

  5. Seven friends from the mid-80s came from as far as Ohio to attend the event together.

  6. Michele (Connors) Witowski '06 made it a family affair with her mom, dad, and younger sister.

  7. AAEB member Joe Bunce '63 with wife Jane Bunce

  8. Bobby Frazier '93 and Paul Besancon '76

  9. We make the marquee!

  10. Great visibility on the main drag in Sea Isle City

  11. Mingling over the meal and beverages

  12. Chris '82 and Mary Sue Sears talk with Kristin (Friel) Stewart '90.

  13. Murray '69 and Linda '69 Ross with Mary Sue and Chris '82 Sears

  14. Kristin Stewart '90 with husband Dave and boys (clockwise from bottom left) Brian, Patrick, David, and Michael (future Lyco alumni?)

  15. Making new Lyco acquaintances