Student Life

Although they have diverse ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, the similarities of Lycoming students far outweigh the differences. One thing most Lycoming students have in common is their desire to be involved inside and outside the classroom. Whether students decide to spend their time on the court or on stage in the choir, they keep themselves active apart from their studies through a variety of opportunities.

All campus activities, including the radio station, yearbook, newspaper, theatre productions and musical groups are open to students regardless of major. Each year students produce their own major on-campus concerts, recently bringing in such acts as Maroon 5, Ke$ha, Train, Yellowcard and Mac Miller. Not only do the students decide who will perform, but they gain valuable leadership experience by managing their own budgets. They also plan campus wide dance parties, run the games at the campus carnival and organize the nightly activities during Homecoming week (Jell-o Wrestling and Mr. & Mrs. Lyco being the most popular).

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