Math and Science Saturday

Science Saturday

Saturday, March 28

For high school sophomores and juniors that are interested in math and science. Check-in will begin at 9:30 a.m.

7 Reasons You Can't Miss Math & Science Saturday:

  • Win round trip airfare for a sponsored marine biology course
  • Tour our facilities and learn why our science courses have the highest enrollments
  • Learn the secrets of getting into medical school (or graduate school)
  • See faculty and students in action
  • Learn why the world revolves around chemistry
  • Explore science-related careers that you never knew existed
  • Discover why the sky is not the limit

You will get to choose from three of the seven following sessions:

  • Choosing a Health Profession - Discuss the why, where and how of health-related careers. Learn how to maximize your chances of getting accepted to the professional schools of your choice. Hosted by professors of biology.
  • Clean Air, Clean Water and the Environment - While environmental issues affect all areas, scientists play a crucial role in advancing technology. We will explore some of the most necessary careers for the 21st century, from environmental law to consulting. Hosted by professors of biology.
  • Biology: A World of Possibilities - From cancer research to teaching, from molecular biology to forensics, biology spans the full spectrum of employment opportunities. Get a new look at what you can do with a biology degree. Hosted by professors of biology.
  • Chemistry: The Central Science - Pharmacist, technician, industrial scientist, doctor, criminologist, engineer, resource manager, agronomist, science teacher...What do they have in common? Chemistry. Whether you're planning a career in chemistry or planning to use chemistry in your career, this session is for you. You'll be amazed at the variety of job options a background in chemistry can provide. Hosted by professors of chemistry.
  • Astronomy & Physics: The Fundamental Sciences - Explore matter and energy, space and time, and the origin and evolution of our universe. A background in physics or astronomy prepares students for a diverse variety of careers both inside and outside of science. Career opportunities include: research, engineering, secondary education, planetarium/museum work, law, and finance. Hosted by professors of astronomy and physics.
  • Master Mathematical Sciences: Calculating the Control of Your Future - Explore how logical thinking, analytical skills and effective decision-making can unlock the door to careers in actuarial science, systems analysis, cryptology, software engineering and many more. Hosted by professors of mathematical science.
  • Outside the Classroom - Learn how our students go beyond the classroom experience with internships, independent studies and research projects tailored to their interests and career plans. Hosted by students from the biology, chemistry, astronomy and physics departments.