Fall Open House

Lyco fall

Saturday, October 4

Saturday, November 15

Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. Program begins at 10:00 a.m.

Check out our information-packed sessions:

  • Tours of campus - In what year did we defeat Penn State in football? Where is the good luck bell located? How do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Find out the answers to these questions and more on your personalized, student-guided tour of campus.
  • Meeting College Costs - All students are eligible for financial aid, regardless of income. Learn about the types of assistance you can expect. Important information about deadlines and a short primer on how 95% of all financial aid gets awarded.
  • Freshman Year Experience - Are you nervous about your transition from high school to college? Andrew Kilpatrick, Assistant Dean for Freshmen, will discuss the services we provide to help first-year students get the most out of their freshmen year.
  • Life Outside the Classroom - Learn how we not only educate, but guide our students toward achieving their goals and encourage them to succeed by getting involved. This presentation outlines Residential Life, Student Clubs & Leadership Development, Intramural Sports, Safety & Security, and Career Development.
  • Essential Distinctions - Learn about our admission requirements, important dates, deadlines and other information from academic programs and study abroad, to campus activities and internships.
  • The Student 'Buzz' - Current students will share their observations and suggestions on how their college search led them to choose Lycoming, how they manage their time in college, how to get involved, and how to be a successful student.
  • Athletics, Academics & the NCAA - Do I have a full schedule during the season? Can I play two sports? How long are practices? These types of questions can be answered in this session. Find out how our athletes balance their commitment to the team and the classroom.