Satisfactory academic progress is evaluated at
the end of the spring semester. Failure to maintain
satisfactory academic progress may result in the
cancellation of financial aid eligibility.
The College’s Satisfactory Academic Policy is
available in the Financial Aid Office or online at
Financial Aid Available for
Study Abroad Programs
Students who wish to study abroad are ineligible
for financial aid from Lycoming funds, except
for students who are studying at Westminster and
Bamberg. Federal and state aid may be used for study
abroad if the program is one of Lycoming’s affiliates
or if Lycoming College enters into a consortium or
contractual agreement with a sponsoring institution.
Please be advised that the financial aid procedures
for study abroad takes additional time and planning.
The Financial Aid Office will assist students in
necessary arrangements, but it is the responsibility
of the student to ensure that all required applications
and documents, both academic and financial aid, are
submitted in accordance with current policy and in a
timely manner.
Contact the Financial Aid Office for more
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