Verification of FAFSA Information
The U.S. Dept. of Education selects certain FAFSA
applications to be verified. This means the school
is required to collect certain documents and income
information to verify the accuracy of the FAFSA
application. Students and parents must comply with all
verification procedures before aid will be disbursed.
Changes in the application information as a result of
the verification process may require an adjustment
to your financial aid package. Failure to submit the
requested documents within the appropriate time frame
may result in a reduction in your financial aid. An offi-
cial award notification will be sent upon completion of
verification, either through the mail or electronically.
Reduced Income
If, after completing and submitting the required
financial aid forms, the family suffers a drastic
change of income, please contact the Financial Aid
Office. A drastic change of income is defined as
unemployment for a period of ten 10 weeks or more,
divorce or separation, death, retirement or permanent
or total disability of the major wage earner. In such
cases, the Financial Aid Office will re-evaluate your
student’s financial aid package based on the new,
estimated data. Additional assistance is only awarded if
funds are available.
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