The Writing Center

We're located on the 3rd floor of Snowden Library in the Academic Resource Center.

We begin holding regular hours during the first week of each semester, beginning Wednesday at 10:30 AM. No appointment is necessary; just drop in with your assignment guidelines, a printed draft (if you've gotten that far), and your college ID. We can help you at any stage of the writing process.

Regular Schedule: Spring 2017*








10:30 AM - 12:30 PM   


Rebecca (till 12:40)

Steph (till 12:50)

Ben C.

Ben T.

Andrew Shelly  

12:30-2:30 PM


Kelly (12:40-1:30)
Dayshia (1:30-2:30)  

Taylor (12:50-2:30)

Kelly (12:40-1:30)
Dayshia (1:30-2:30)  



2:30-4:00 PM**







7-10 PM

Andrew Squires






*In the case of inclement weather, we will operate normally if the library remains open to students.

**New afternoon closing time, effective January 2017.

Our Staff

Writing TutorsSpecializations
Krysta Corliss Psychology (APA Style) and Poetry Writing
Benjamin Conrad Religion, Creative Writing, Biblical Language, APA Style, MLA Style, ASA Style
Lisa Le Creative Writing (Fiction), Biology, Chemistry, MLA Style
Rebecca Reed History (Turabian Style), American Studies, Legal Studies, and International Student Tutoring
Robert "Bobby" Hoffman Digital Media Communication, Music, and International Student Tutoring
Dayshia Kerney Biology (CSE & CBE Style), Chemistry, MLA Style, APA Style
Christopher "Chris" Cizek Poetry Writing and Digital Media Communication
Diana Cavaliere Business, Corporate Communication, MLA Style
Kaitlyn Hipple English Literature, Secondary Education, MLA Style
Andrew Shelly Biology and Secondary Education
Benjamin "Ben" Thompson History (Turabian Style), Political Science, and Spanish
Brandon Conrad (by appointment only) Chemistry, SBL Style (Religion), MLA Style
Abigail "Abbie" Bendick Education, Special Education, History (Turabian Style), ENGL 107 (Hawkes), MLA Style, APA Style (limited)
Hedy Gerace Creative Writing, Turabian Style
Kayla Everett Art/Commercial Design, APA, Chicago/Turabian, MLA Style
Andrew Squires Chemistry, Biology
Michael "Mike" Cavanaugh Chemistry, Secondary Education, MLA Style, APA Style (limited)
Jacob Maneval Education, History (Turabian Style), ENGL 107 (Hawkes), MLA Style, APA Style (limited)
Taylor Johnsonbaugh Psychology, ENGL 107 (Hawkes), MLA Style
Schai Bilger Education, Art, MLA Style
Ceili Klaus Art, Psychology (APA Style), ENGL 107 (Hawkes)
Hayley Pisciotti (studying abroad / unavailable in Spring 2017) Creative Writing (Fiction), MLA Style
Channimuth "Channy" Miller English Literature (MLA Style)
Stevanakelly "Stevie" Dolence Archaeology (Ancient Near East)
Stephanie "Steph" Osczepinski Psychology (APA Style)
Kelly Rogawski Psychology (APA Style)
Shanna Wheeler (by appointment only) Writing Center Director and ENGL 106 Instructor

What to Expect

"The image that should be cultivated of writing tutors is that they are an extra set of eyes, ready to catch [problems] that writers cannot because they're so deeply embedded in their own work. I am a consultant, someone with the time to read through a paper and make suggestions. I am not writing the students' papers, nor am I simply editing them." -Kirsten Darby (alumna and former tutor)

"To me, being a writing tutor isn't just about being part of the grammar police of Lycoming College, but it is about being a resource to people that need help." -Caitie Eberz (alumna and former tutor)

What students can expect: Good writers themselves, the writing tutors at Lycoming College have been trained to guide you through the writing process, from brainstorming to final revision. They do not take control of your work or [re]write your papers for you. They are not simply copy editors or grammar checkers. They are so much more! Take advantage of the friendly advice they can provide at every stage of your writing project.

What students cannot expect: Writing tutors will not know exactly what the professor is looking for or how he/she will evaluate your paper. (Always bring your assignment guidelines!) Also, writing tutors cannot guarantee you a higher grade on a given assignment; their goal, however, is to help you develop as a writer.

Come Prepared: Besides a copy of your writing assignment, bring your assignment guidelines, any relevant materials, a pencil, a mental list of what you're concerned about, and your patience. Please bring your college ID.

Not all writing tutors are English majors. Some specialize in the sciences, archaeology, modern languages, history, and other areas.

Visit Reports: Every time you visit the Writing Center, we send a brief report to your professor to show that you are making an extra effort to succeed (unless you indicate that you do not want your professor to be notified). In order for the check-in/check-out process to occur smoothly, remember to bring your college ID.

Word to the wise: Don't procrastinate on your writing projects! If you wait until the last possible minute to bring your paper to the Writing Center, you might not have enough turn-around time. Plus, we can get pretty busy at times.

Are you struggling with a formal research paper?

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