Study Skills

Study Skills support is available to individuals by appointment and small groups by arrangement. The College also offers ARC 100 as part of the regular curriculum.

ARC 100: Success Skills Workshop

Jilliane Bolt-Michewicz, Instructor

A seven-week course, ARC 100 introduces students to a variety of topics important to student success. Among these are time management, learning styles, motivation, highlighting text, and note-taking. Topics are designed to encourage students to be proactive regarding academic strategies. ARC 100 is highly recommended for students who, in consultation with their academic advisors, choose to improve their academic skills. This non-credit course will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

Quick Tips for Academic Success

  • Go to class. Go to class. Go to class.
  • Reading: Always summarize and paraphrase what you read.
  • Note-taking: Write it down so you can study it.
  • Time Management: PLAN to study two hours for every hour you spend in class.
  • Test-taking: Study early and often.