Study Groups

What are study groups?

Under the guidance of a peer facilitator who has been hand-picked by faculty and trained by the ARC, students in traditionally (and newly) challenging courses at Lycoming College have the opportunity to engage with classmates outside of the classroom. A kind of supplemental instruction, study groups provide students with a regular time and place to review course content, prepare for exams, and develop academic success skills. Students who regularly attend study group generally outperform those who do not, according to ARC assessment data.

When attending a study group...

Come prepared.

  • Do some studying beforehand so you know what material you don't feel comfortable with yet.
  • Bring any necessary course materials. You'll need them in order to complete study group activities as designed by the facilitator.

Understand the facilitator's role and the purpose of study group.

  • Don't expect the facilitator to re-lecture course material. His/her job is to facilitate learning, not to teach.
  • Don't expect the facilitator to simply take and answer questions from participants. Study group is not a Q & A session; participants must work together to answer each other's questions.
  • Collaboration is key!

Study Group Schedule: Spring 2014

BIO 111 Briggs Emily Barger Sun. 8-9 PM / Tues. 7-8 PM / Heim G-40
BIO 111 Broussard Natalie Schwer Sun. 6-7 PM / Tues. 9:30-10:30 PM / Heim G-40
BUS 238 Grassmueck Carrie Tubbs Sun. & Wed. 8-9 PM / AC C-200
CHEM 111 Bendorf Tim Kocher Wed. 7-8 PM / Heim G-09
PSCI 231 Carman Rebecca Sellers Sun. 7-8 PM / Thurs. 9-10 PM / AC B-307