Lycoming College Summer Magazine 2013 - page II

The mission of Lycoming
College is to provide a
distinguished baccalaureate
education in the liberal
arts and sciences within a
coeducational, supportive,
residential setting.
Mission Statement
Kent Trachte, Ph.D.
Jeff Bennett ’94
Acting Vice President for Finance and
Chip Edmonds ’98
Vice President for College Advancement
Daniel Miller, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Life
James Spencer
Vice President of Admissions and
Financial Aid
Philip Sprunger, Ph.D.
Provost and Dean of the College
The following individuals, plus the six
Senior Officers, comprise the Senior
Jackie Bilger
Director of Human Resources and
Risk Management
Dave Heffner
Associate Dean and Chief Information
Jerry Rashid
Director of College Relations
Senior Officers
Board of Trustees
Peter R. Lynn ’69
Stanley W. Sloter ’80
(Vice Chair)
Dale N. Krapf ’67
Dr. William E. Evans ’72
(Assistant Secretary)
Ann S. Pepperman, Esquire
(Assistant Secretary)
Lawrence S. Allison Jr. ’96
Dr. Brenda P. Alston-Mills ’66
David R. Bahl, Esquire
John R. Biggar ’66
Melvin H. Campbell Jr. ’70
Jay W. Cleveland Sr.
Jay W. Cleveland Jr. ’88
Donald E. Failor ’68
David E. Freet ’68
D. Mark Fultz ’80
David D. Gathman ’69
Daniel R. Hawbaker
Donald W. Hughes ’72
Dr. Lynn D. Kramer ’72
Daniel R. Langdon ’73
Dr. Robert G. Little ’63
Carolyn-Kay M. Lundy ’63
Nanci D. Morris ’78
David L. Schoch ’73
James G. Scott ’70
Hugh H. Sides ’60
Cheryl D. Spencer ’70
Linda Porr Sweeney ’78
Dr. Kent C. Trachte
Marshall D. Welch III
Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe ’78
Diane Dalto Woosnam ’73
Dr. Dennis G. Youshaw ’61
Hon. Marie White Bell ’58
Dr. Robert L. Bender ’59
David Y. Brouse ’47
Richard W. DeWald ’61
Dr. Daniel G. Fultz ’57 ’01H
Nancy J. Gieniec ’59
Dr. Arthur A. Haberberger ’59 ’11H
(Emeritus Chair)
Harold D. Hershberger Jr. ’51
Bishop Neil L. Irons ’12H
Rev. Dr. Kenrick R. Khan ’57
David B. Lee ’61
D. Stephen Martz ’64
Dr. Robert L. Shangraw ’58 ’04H
(Emeritus Chair)
Dr. Harold H. Shreckengast Jr. ’50 ’00H
(Emeritus Chair)
Hon. Clinton W. Smith ’55
Charles D. Springman ’59
John S. Trogner Jr. ’68
Phyllis L. Yasui
I’m delighted to welcome you to the summer issue of the
Lycoming Magazine
and to share a
few opening thoughts.
Since my appointment in November, I visited campus on numerous occasions to meet with
faculty, students, staff and members of the board of trustees. Each visit reaffirmed and deepened
my initial impression of Lycoming as a special place – one that makes a meaningful difference
in the lives of its students and alumni.
Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to greet members of the Class of 2017 during
New Student Orientation. The new students and their parents told me that they are excited to
join Lycoming College and eager to participate in all that Lycoming has to offer – conducting
research with faculty members, engaging the residential life of the campus and volunteering in
the community. Together, students, parents and I will begin our first year with great enthusiasm.
I see Lycoming as an educational institution with both a distinguished past and an exciting
future. Since its founding in 1812 in the aftermath of the American Revolution, the college has
played an important role in educating citizens to participate in our nation’s democracy while also
preparing them to enter their professions. More recently, under the leadership of President James
Douthat, Lycoming has built impressive financial strength and become recognized as a national
liberal arts and sciences college.
As my presidency begins, we have the opportunity to dream boldly and set forth on the path toward even greater excellence.
During the coming year, we will work together to develop a strategic plan that will provide our blueprint for achieving the
prominence and recognition that Lycoming rightly deserves.
I look forward to meeting and engaging the alumni and friends of Lycoming to hear your ideas about the future of the college.
During the fall semester, I will do an “alumni tour.” I hope that you will join me in a dialogue about the exciting possibilities for
Kent C. Trachte
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